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Erica H. Lee, MD; Jerry D. Brewer, MD; Deborah F. MacFarlane, MD, MPH

This viewpoint emphasizes the importance of elderly patients’ involvement in their own BCC treatment decisions and the need for dermatologists and primary physicians together to adapt management plans to the patient’s values, preferences, and social circumstances.

Original Investigation 
William Tuong, BA; Audrey S. Wang, MD; April W. Armstrong, MD, MPH
Includes: Supplemental Content

Importance  Effective patient education is necessary for treating patients with acne vulgaris. Automated online counseling simulates face-to-face encounters and may be a useful tool to deliver education.

Objective  To compare the effectiveness of a standard educational website with that of an automated-counseling website in improving clinical ...

Case Report/Case Series 
Krista N. Larson, BS; Amy L. Gagnon, MD; Melissa D. Darling, MD; James W. Patterson, MD; Thomas G. Cropley, MD

Importance  Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) is a fibrosing skin disorder that develops in patients with kidney failure and has been linked to exposure to gadolinium-containing contrast agents. The time between exposure to gadolinium and the initial presentation of NSF is typically weeks to months but has been ...

Hitoshi Terui, MD; Ikuko Numata, MD, PhD; Yusuke Takata, MD, PhD; Masaki Ogura, MD, PhD; Setsuya Aiba, MD, PhD

Pott’s puffy tumor was reported first in 1760 as a forehead swelling and frontal bone osteomyelitis in association with an epidural abscess,1 one of the most dangerous complications of frontal sinusitis.2 To our knowledge, however, only 2 cases of Pott’s puffy tumor have been reported in ...

Caterina Longo, MD, PhD; Moira Ragazzi, MD; Stefano Gardini, MD; Elvira Moscarella, MD; Giuseppe Argenziano, MD

Eccrine syringomatous carcinoma (ESC) is a rare malignant adnexal skin tumor derived from sweat glands1 that occurs in middle-aged patients. Clinically, ESC is usually seen as a slow-growing, solitary, flesh-colored nodule or plaque with ill-defined margins.1 Because ESCs tend to infiltrate far beyond the visible margins ...

Joerg Albrecht, MD, PhD; Sukhraj Mudahar, PharmD, BCPS
Includes: Supplemental Content

Drugs are expensive, and providing them to underinsured or uninsured patients is difficult. To reduce costs for primarily tax-funded drug providers, the federal government created the relatively obscure 340B drug pricing program in 1992. This program applies only to outpatient medications and is available to nonprofit or public ...

Original Investigation  FREE
Barbara J. Walkosz, PhD; David B. Buller, PhD; Peter A. Andersen, PhD; Allan Wallis, PhD; Mary Klein Buller, MA; Michael D. Scott, PhD

Importance  Skin cancer prevention remains a national priority. Reducing chronic UV radiation exposure for outdoor workers through sun-safety practices is an important step to help reduce the incidence of skin cancer.

Objective  To determine the presence of occupational sun-safety policies at local government organizations in a ...

Original Investigation 
Francesca Farnetani, MD; Alon Scope, MD; Ralph P. Braun, MD; Salvador Gonzalez, MD, PhD; Pascale Guitera, MD, PhD; Josep Malvehy, MD; Marco Manfredini, MD; Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD; Elvira Moscarella, MD; Margaret Oliviero, ARNP; Susana Puig, MD, PhD; Harold S. Rabinovitz, MD; Ignazio Stanganelli, MD; Caterina Longo, MD, PhD; Carlotta Malagoli, MD; Marco Vinceti, MD; Giovanni Pellacani, MD
Includes: Supplemental Content

Importance  Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) studies have been performed to identify criteria for diagnosis of skin neoplasms. However, RCM-based diagnosis is operator dependent. Hence, reproducibility of RCM criteria needs to be tested.

Objective  To test interobserver reproducibility of recognition of previously published RCM descriptors and accuracy ...

Case Report/Case Series 
Justine Munoz, MD; Michel Rodière, MD; Nadia Jeremiah, MSc; Frédéric Rieux-Laucat, PhD; Anthony Oojageer, BSc; Gillian I. Rice, PhD; Flore Rozenberg, MD, PhD; Yanick J. Crow, MD, PhD; Didier Bessis, MD

Importance  The type I interferonopathies comprise a recently recognized group of mendelian diseases characterized by an upregulation of type I interferon signaling. These monogenic phenotypes include classic Aicardi-Goutières syndrome and syndromic forms of systemic lupus erythematosus, including familial chilblain lupus and spondyloenchondrodysplasia. Dermatologic features provide a major ...

Michelle A. Nguyen, BS; Ari Gelman, BS; Scott A. Norton, MD, MPH

The term collodion baby (CB) refers to a newborn whose entire body is covered with an adherent, supple, parchment-like membrane.1 The condition is usually associated with ectropion, eclabium, hypotrichosis, hypoplastic nasal and auricular cartilage, and pseudocontractures. Collodion baby is a phenotype rather than a specific disease entity. ...

Lucia Turrion-Merino, MD; Marta Urech-García-de-la-Vega, MD; Laura Miguel-Gomez, MD; Antonio Harto-Castaño, PhD, MD; Pedro Jaen-Olasolo, PhD, MD

The number of patients diagnosed as having gender identity disorders (GIDs) has increased in the past decade. Sexual minorities receive little dermatologic interest, although they have specific skin disorders.1

Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD; for the International Skin Imaging Collaboration Melanoma Project Working Groups

The current era of ubiquitous digital cameras, digital cameras integrated into smartphones, and virtually limitless data storage affords exciting new opportunities for medicine in general and specifically dermatology. Digital photography has the potential to dramatically enable and facilitate improvements in dermatology teaching, clinical documentation, and diagnosis. One of ...

Original Investigation  FREE
Robert E. Kalb, MD; David F. Fiorentino, MD, PhD; Mark G. Lebwohl, MD; John Toole, MD, FRCPC; Yves Poulin, MD; Arnon D. Cohen, MD; Kavitha Goyal, MD; Steven Fakharzadeh, MD, PhD; Stephen Calabro, MS; Marc Chevrier, MD, PhD; Wayne Langholff, PhD; Yin You, MS; Craig L. Leonardi, MD
Includes: Supplemental Content

Importance  The efficacy of treatment for psoriasis must be balanced against potential adverse events.

Objective  To determine the effect of treatment on the risk of serious infections in patients with psoriasis.

Design, Setting, and Participants  A multicenter, longitudinal, disease-based registry (Psoriasis Longitudinal Assessment and Registry ...

Case Report/Case Series 
Ohara Aivaz, MD; Suzanne Berkman, MD; Lindsay Middelton, RN, CGC; W. Marston Linehan, MD; John J. DiGiovanna, MD; Edward W. Cowen, MD, MHSc

Importance  The differential diagnosis of extensive open comedones includes inherited genetic syndromes and several acquired conditions. Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome (BHD) is not typically included in the differential diagnosis of syndromes with comedonal lesions. Given the potentially life-threatening systemic complications associated with BHD, early recognition and diagnosis of the ...

Elizabeth A. Quigley, MD; Barbara A. Tokay, MS; Sarah T. Jewell, MLIS; Michael A. Marchetti, MD; Allan C. Halpern, MD
Includes: Supplemental Content

Importance  Photographs are invaluable dermatologic diagnostic, management, research, teaching, and documentation tools. Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standards exist for many types of digital medical images, but there are no DICOM standards for camera-acquired dermatologic images to date.

Objective  To identify and describe existing ...

Editorial: Standards in Dermatologic Imaging; Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD; for the International Skin Imaging Collaboration Melanoma Project Working Groups
JAMA Dermatology Clinicopathological Challenge 
Lorena Barboza-Guadagnini, MD; María Teresa Fernández-Figueras, MD, PhD; Julio Bassas-Vila, MD
Arezki Izri, MD, PhD; Valérie Andriantsoanirina, PhD; Olivier Chosidow, MD, PhD; Rémy Durand, PharmD, PhD

Native to temperate regions of North America, Corythucha ciliata, orlace bug, is an invasive insect that is spreading from relatively cold regions to relatively hot regions and is now distributed throughout the temperate and subtropical zones.1 Until recently, lace bugs were not reported in the scientific ...

Original Investigation  FREE
Hyemin Pomerantz, MD; Daniel Hogan, MD; David Eilers, MD; Susan M. Swetter, MD; Suephy C. Chen, MD; Sharon E. Jacob, MD; Erin M. Warshaw, MD, MS; George Stricklin, MD, PhD; Robert P. Dellavalle, MD, PhD, MSPH; Navjeet Sidhu-Malik, MD; Nellie Konnikov, MD; Victoria P. Werth, MD; Jonette Keri, MD, PhD; Robert Lew, PhD; Martin A. Weinstock, MD, PhD; for the Veterans Affairs Keratinocyte Carcinoma Chemoprevention (VAKCC) Trial Group
Includes: Supplemental Content

Importance  Topical fluorouracil was demonstrated to be effective in reducing the number of actinic keratoses (AKs) for up to 6 months, but no randomized trials studied its long-term efficacy.

Objective  To evaluate the long-term efficacy of a single course of fluorouracil cream, 5%, for AK treatment....

Viewpoint  FREE
David M. Ozog, MD; Ronald L. Moy, MD

This Viewpoint illustrates the benefits of earlier use of fractional carbon dioxide laser and other physical treatments for scar prevention and suggests that surgeons discuss these options with their patients.

Original Investigation 
Ari M. Goldminz, MD; Mayte Suárez-Fariñas, PhD; Andrew C. Wang, MD; Nicole Dumont; James G. Krueger, MD, PhD; Alice B. Gottlieb, MD, PhD
Includes: Supplemental Content

Importance  Methotrexate is a first-line systemic agent for treating of psoriasis, although its onset of effects is slower and overall it is less effective than tumor necrosis factor blockers.

Objective  To differentiate the response of psoriatic disease to adalimumab and methotrexate sodium.

Design, Setting, and Participants...

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